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Intel LGA 1151
Intel LGA 1150
intel LGA 1155
Intel LGA 2011
Intel LGA 2011v3
intel LGA 775
MB. Intel 1151
MB. Intel 1150
MB. Intel 1155
MB.Intel 2011
MB. Intel 2011v3
MB. Intel Atom
MB. Intel 775
MB. Intel 775
Memory DDR4
Memory DDR3
Memory DDR2
Harddisk 3.5Inch
VGA NVidia
VGA Ati Radeon
Casing Mid.Tower
Casing Mini ATX
Casing Full Tower
Power Supply
Optical Drive
Keyboard Mouse
Mouse Pad
UPS Acc.
POS Device
Ink or Tonner
Add on Card
Cooler Fan
Moding Media
Drawing Tablet
Docking Station
Media Player
Digital Camera
USB Acc.
USB Flash Disk
Harddisk External
Docking Station
Enclosure External
Harddisk Notebook
Harddisk SSD
Harddisk Other
NAS (Network Attached Storage)
Memory DDR1/Sdram
Memory Notebook
Memory Card
Small Computer
Meja Komputer
Gaming Accessories
Gamepad / Racing Wheel
Server Processor
Server Motherboard
Server Memory
Harddisk Other
Server Harddisk
Server Casing
Server Accesories

Brother ADS-1100w Scanner 4.025.000,-
Brother ADS-1600w Scanner 4.935.000,-
Brother ADS-2100 Scanner 5.350.000,-
Brother ADS-2600W Scanner 8.400.000,-
Brother DS-620 Scanner 1.850.000,-
Brother DS-720 Scanner 2.015.000,-
Brother PDS-5000 Scanner 16.420.000,-
Brother PDS-6000 Scanner 27.020.000,-
Canon 9000F MARK II Scanner 2.260.000,-
Canon Lide 120 Scanner 780.000,-
Canon Lide 210 Scanner 985.000,-
Canon P215 Scanner 4.745.000,-
Canon Scanner Lide 220 Scanner 1.160.000,-
Epson GT 1500 Scanner 4.500.000,-
Epson V37 Scanner 1.070.000,-
Epson V370 Scanner 1.655.000,-
Epson V700 Scanner 6.695.000,-
Fuji Xerox C3200 A4,ADF, Network Ready Scanner 26.000.000,-
Fuji Xerox C4250 A3,ADF,Network Ready Scanner 31.500.000,-
Fujitech ScanPartner 30 Scanner 9.810.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-5015C (Workgroup Scanner) A8 to A4, 15 ppm, 50-600 dpi, color, simplex, 50 sheet ADF, Workgroup Scanner with Flatbed Scanner 6.670.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-5530C2 (Workgroup) Scanner 41.750.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-5950 (Mass Volume Production Enterprise) Scanner 344.221.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6010NS (Network iScanner) Scanner 39.570.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6110 (Workgroup) A8 to A4, 20 ppm(40 ipm), up to 600 dpi, colour, duplex, 50 sheets ADF, Workgroup Scanner Scanner 8.856.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6125LA 60 images per minute scanning speed @ 200 dpi B&W or Greyscale,Auto colour detection, auto cropping, and auto de-skew, 50 page automatic document feeder,ultrasonic multi-feed detection, quiet opteration. Scanner 6.882.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6140z (Workgroup) A8 to A4, 60 ppm (120 ipm)up to 600 dpi, colour, duplex, 50 sheets ADF, Workgroup Scanner, 6000 sheets/day Scanner 28.911.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6230z (Workgroup) Scanner 26.270.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6240z (Workgroup) Scanner 41.056.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-65F A6,3000 dpi,Colour,Simplex,Flatbed Scanner 4.853.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6670 (Mass Volume Production Enterprise) Scanner 87.459.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6670A Scanner 104.706.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6750s (Mass Volume Production Enterprise) Scanner 63.796.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6770 (Mass Volume Production Enterprise) Scanner 114.873.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6770A ((Mass Volume Production Enterprise) Scanner 129.526.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-6800 ((Mass Volume Production Enterprise) Scanner 266.139.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-7140 Scanner 14.705.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-7160 (Workgroup) A8 to A4, 60 ppm (120 ipm)up to 600 dpi, colour, duplex, 80 sheets ADF, Workgroup Scanner, 4000 sheets/day Scanner 19.250.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-7180 (WorkGroup) A8 to A4, 60 ppm (120 ipm)up to 600 dpi, colour, duplex, 50 sheets ADF, Workgroup Scanner, 6000 sheets/day Scanner 32.707.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-7240 Scanner 21.123.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-7260 (WorkGroup) A8 to A4, 60 ppm (120 ipm)up to 600 dpi, colour, duplex, 80 sheets ADF, Workgroup Scanner with flatbed, 4000 sheets/day Scanner 28.008.000,-
Fujitsu Fi-7280 (WorkGroup) A8 to A4, 60 ppm (120 ipm)up to 600 dpi, colour, duplex, 80 sheets ADF, Workgroup Scanner with flatbed, 6000 sheets/day Scanner 40.286.000,-
Fujitsu iX 100 Bussiness card A8 to A4, 5.2sec/page, 150-600 dpi, Colour, Simplex, Personal Scanner Scanner 3.848.000,-
Fujitsu iX 500 (Win & Mac ) Bussiness card A8 to A4 (A3 with optional carries sheet),25ppm (50 ipm),up to 600 dpi ,colour,duplex,50 sheets ADF,SOHO/Personal Scanner,1000sheet/day Scanner 8.800.000,-
Fujitsu N1800 (New) (Network iScanner) Scanner 30.082.000,-
Fujitsu S1100 ScanSnap (500-1000 pages per day) (Windows And Mac Compliant) Bussiness card A8 to A4,2-16 ppm,150-600 dpi,colour,simplex,personalscanner Scanner 3.308.000,-
Fujitsu S1100 With Rack2filer ScanSnap (500-1000 pages per day) Bussiness Card A8 to A4,2-16 ppm,150-600 dpi,colour,simplex,personal scanner Scanner 3.873.000,-
Fujitsu S1300 I Scan Snap (500-1000 pages per day) (Windows and Mac Compliant) Bussiness card A8 to A4, 8-12 ppm (12-16ipm), 50-60 dpi, colour, duplex, 10 sheetsADF, SOHO/Personal scanner, 500 sheets/day Scanner 4.046.000,-
Fujitsu S1300 I with Rack2filer ScanSnap (500-1000 pages per day) Bussiness card A8 to A4, 8-12 ppm (12-16ipm), 50-60 dpi, colour, duplex, 10 sheetsADF, SOHO/Personal scanner, 500 sheets/day Scanner 5.408.000,-
Fujitsu ScanPartner 1130 Scanner 9.143.000,-
Fujitsu ScanPartner 25 Scanner 8.200.000,-
Fujitsu ScanPartner 30 Scanner 10.900.000,-
Fujitsu ScanPartner 30F Scanner 12.694.000,-
Fujitsu SV600 With Rack2Filer Smart Bussiness card A8 to A3,3 second/page,Up to 600dpi,Colour,Simplex Scanner 10.623.000,-
HP HP Scanjet 7500 Scanner 15.390.000,-
HP ScanJet 200 Scanner 720.000,-
HP ScanJet 3000 Scanner 4.735.000,-
HP ScanJet 5000 Scanner 8.355.000,-
HP ScanJet 5590 Scanner 4.715.000,-
HP ScanJet 6310 Scanner 6.095.000,-
HP ScanJet 6350 Scanner 9.000.000,-
HP ScanJet 7000 Scanner 11.368.000,-
HP Scanjet G3110 4800x9600dpi-48bit-Negative Film Scanner 1.315.000,-
HP ScanJet G4010 Scanner 2.210.000,-
HP ScanJet G4050 Scanner 3.040.000,-
Kodak i2400 Scanner 11.403.000,-
Kodak i2600 Scanner 15.950.000,-
Kodak i2800 Scanner 26.216.000,-
Kodak i2900 Scanner 47.115.000,-
Kodak i3200 Scanner 66.856.000,-
Kodak i3250 Scanner 77.817.000,-
Kodak i3400 Scanner 81.057.000,-
Kodak i3450 Scanner 93.678.000,-
Kodak i4200 Scanner 155.558.000,-
Kodak i4600 Scanner 207.567.000,-
Kodak i5200 Scanner 475.715.000,-
Kodak Scan Station 700 Scanner 34.357.000,-
Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner 7.944.000,-
Panasonic KV-S1015C Scanner Scanner 7.200.000,-
Panasonic KV-S1026C Scanner Scanner 11.400.000,-
Panasonic KV-S1046C Scanner Scanner 16.400.000,-
Panasonic KV-S1065C Scanner Scanner 22.000.000,-
Panasonic KV-S5046 C Scanner 65.000.000,-
Panasonic KV-S5055 C Scanner 92.300.000,-
Panasonic KV-S5076 C Scanner 118.300.000,-
Panasonic KV-S7075 C Scanner 165.750.000,-
Plustek AD450 Mobile Office Scanner 4.245.000,-
Plustek AD460 Mobile Office Scanner 5.245.000,-
Plustek D412 Smart Office (Scanner Portable) Scanner 3.820.000,-
Plustek Mobile Office S601 Scanner 1.960.000,-
Plustek OpticBook 3800 Scanner 6.245.000,-
Plustek OpticBook 4800 Scanner 11.790.000,-
Plustek OpticBook A300 Scanner 27.190.000,-
Plustek OpticFilm 120 Scanner 38.490.000,-
Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai Scanner 9.745.000,-
Plustek OpticPro A320 Scanner 16.290.000,-
Plustek OpticPro A360 Scanner 19.590.000,-
Plustek OpticSlim 1180 Scanner 10.890.000,-
Plustek OpticSlim 2600 Scanner 885.000,-
Plustek OpticSlim 550 Scanner 3.895.000,-
Plustek OpticSlim 550 With software Passport Reader (OCR passport) Scanner 5.845.000,-
Plustek PS283 Scanner 5.745.000,-
Plustek S400 Scanner Mobile / Portable Office Scanner 1.865.000,-
Plustek S410 Mobile Office Portable Scanner 2.160.000,-
Plustek S420 Mobile Office Portable Scanner 2.860.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 Scanner 7.790.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PL2550 Scanner 12.440.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PN2040 Scanner 11.390.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus Scanner 8.245.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PS396 Scanner 11.795.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PS406 Scanner 13.745.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PS406U Scanner 15.295.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PS456U Scanner 26.190.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice PS506U Scanner 19.595.000,-
Plustek SmartOffice SC8016U Scanner 49.190.000,-

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