Pembaharuan Terkini Pricelist   Rabu, 23 September 2020

Informasi! Produk dari brand Ace Power
 Ace Power SFX PSU (bulk pack)         Ask To Order         227.500
 Ace Power 550AR PSU-350W/AP-550P         Ask To Order         460.000
 Ace Power 450AR PSU-250W AP-450P         Ask To Order         332.000
 Ace Power 400W AP-400P         Ask To Order         332.000
 APC SMT1000IC - Smart UPS 1000VA LCD 230V         Ask To Order         6.800.000
 APC Smart-UPS C 1000VA LCD 230V - SMC1000IC - Weight 20Kg         Ask To Order         4.600.000
 APC Smart UPS SRT 5000VA, 230V - SRT5KXLi         Ask To Order         35.250.000
 APC Smart UPS SRT 19 Rail Kit - SRTRK2         Ask To Order         2.500.000
 APC Smart UPS SC 450VA - SC450RMI1U - Weight 12Kg         Ask To Order         3.600.000
 APC Smart UPS C 1500va LCD 230 - SMC1500IC         Ask To Order         5.950.000
 APC Smart UPS 750VA LCD 230V - SMT750i         Ask To Order         5.000.000
 APC Smart UPS 3000VA LCD 230V 2U Rackmount - SMC3000RMi-2U         Ask To Order         13.025.000
 APC Smart UPS 3000VA LCD 230V - SMC3000i         Ask To Order         11.600.000
 APC Smart UPS 2200VA LCD 230V With Smart Connect - SMT2200IC         Ask To Order         14.500.000
 APC PMF83VT-GR - Performance SurgeArrest 8 Outlets With Phone & Coax Protection 230V         Ask To Order         800.000
 APC Essential SurgeArrest, 5 Outlets With 5V, 2.4A 2-Port USB Charger 230V - PM5U-GR         Ask To Order         480.000
 APC BX1400U-MS - Back-UPS RS 1400VA 230V without software Include Protect RJ11         Ask To Order  Order           1.975.000
 APC Back-UPS RS 800VA 230V + AVR, Universal Outlets - BX800LI-MS         Ask To Order  Order    Order           925.000
 APC Back-UPS RS 700VA 230V without software Include Protect RJ11 - BX700U-MS         Ask To Order         1.290.000
 APC Back-UPS RS 650VA 230V w/o software Include Protect RJ11 - BX650LI-MS         Ask To Order  Order    Order           580.000
 APC Back-UPS RS 550VA LCD, Master Control - BR550Gi - Weight 8Kg         Ask To Order         2.080.000
 APC Back-UPS RS 1500VA LCD, Master Control - BR1500Gi - Weight 15Kg         Ask To Order         5.865.000
 APC Back-UPS RS 1100VA 230V Universal Outlets - BX1100LI-MS - Weight 2         Ask To Order  Order    Order           1.345.000
 APC Back-UPS Pro BR900VA LCD, 6 Outlets, AVR - BR900MI         Ask To Order         3.180.000
 Ace Power Pioner G + PSU 450W         Ask To Order  Order    Order           300.000
 Ace Power Phantom TG Include Fan 3 Pcs         Ask To Order  Order    Order           562.000
 Ace Power M09 Mage Casing         Ask To Order         426.000
 Ace Power M07 (Hunter) Slim + PSU 400W         Ask To Order  Order    Order           425.000
 Ace Power M02 (Mack) Slim + PSU 400W         Ask To Order  Order    Order           425.000
 Ace Power Luster G + PSU 450W - FC-F52A         Ask To Order  Order           395.000
 Ace Power Blade BL04 - RGB Tempered Glass         Ask To Order  Order           390.000
 ACE POWER A1 512GB         Ask To Order         865.000
 ACE POWER A1 256GB         Ask To Order  Order    Order           470.000
 ACE POWER A1 128GB         Ask To Order  Order    Order           280.000